Madjer's perfect farewell

A legend plays his last World Cup:


The beginning

Rio 2005

adidas Golden Ball & Scorer winner

Portugal finish runners-up


Rio 2006

adidas Golden Ball & Scorer winner

21 goals, a single-tournament record

Rio regret

Rio 2007

adidas Silver Ball winner

Portugal out at quarter-finals

Sustained success

Marseille 2008: adidas Golden Scorer, Portugal 3rd

Dubai 2009: adidas Silver Ball + Scorer, Portugal 3rd

Rich in Ravenna

Ravenna 2011

特级做人爱c级日本adidas Silver Scorer

Portugal 3rd

Dream realised

Portugal 2015

adidas Bronze Ball & adidas Silver Scorer winner

Portugal champions

Goal drought

Bahamas 2017

Portugal out after quarter-finals

Madjer fails to score a single goal

Perfeito adeus

Paraguay 2019

1 goal

Portugal champions